this is how we live

We live a different life when we decide to make our dogs our hobby, our sport, our passion.

A life filled with great friends (of all shapes, sizes and coat textures), amazing adventures and personal growth including occasional goal attainment.

Let’s share the journey from beginning to end with people and dogs old and new.

Life Style Blog

From that new puppy smell to the last pet goodbye - we live a different life. This blog is how we travel,  garden,  decorate the house,  select a car; even, go to the vet differently. 

Online Courses

Teaching topics to build better handlers and teams.

We use a third party platform so all your classes are kept in one spot.


Rufference Library

Help with acronyms, jargon & terms for dogs, dog sports & organizations that sanction events. Also recommendations for books, articles & references you might find handy.

The Shops

Currently  Under Construction

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Our own logo wear coming soon