Resource for the Dog Sports Community

Both sides of the fun

This site is the online resource for the dog sports community (and their humans) I have been building towards for 16 years. It will provide answers to getting started in specific dog sports, tips for teams as they progress thru training to competition & general dog owner topics with a sports twist. There are lots of folks to teach you front crosses and glove pivots and outruns but the community needs more information about things like how to shop for trials and options you have as a consumer entering events. So is a lifestyle blog, online school and a Rufference Library of terms and resources.

Sixteen years of training & competing with my dogs–as well as running a successful trial secretary-business– means I can say I know both sides of the fun of dog sports. I can’t wait to start sharing tips tricks and plain ol’ information that isn’t always accessible. It is the whole reason I started Life Is Dog Sport.

How did I get here??

The year was 2004, I am offered a couple agility trial secretary jobs at the same time I start running my first performance dog, Althea, in agility trials. I jump at the chance and establish K9EventsNW as a professional secretary service. Merging my love of dogs, my ability to organize paperwork and my mad event planning skills into a business. From there, I go on to help local & national dog clubs produce competitions like agility, herding, and rally trials. I also help with training events like fun matches and tickers. Don’t forget K9EventsNW email newsletter growing out of it all to help spread information and market events in the Pacific Northwest.

Three Hats – No Waiting

As a trial secretary, I handle paperwork & software to meet the requirements of the various organizations (NADAC, CPE, AKC, UKC, ASCA, UKI…) so your “Q” counts. As an exhibitor, I run Cardigan Welsh Corgis— Dobby (the whack-a-doodle), Marshal & Althea (both across the bridge now) completing multiple championships & a ton of different titles in agility, rally, obedience, breed ring, barn hunt & herding across different organizations. As a dog owner, I am the one family and friends send folks to saying, “go ask Theresa–she knows a bunch of dog stuff and a bunch of dog people”.

A short leap

See how short a leap it was for me to creating a place for resources and courses and general information on topics not really covered by dog sports instructors? Managing your paperwork and knowing how to enter trials helps you create fun and have peace of mind as you head down your own path of Crazy Dog Happiness.

So please enjoy as we share what we know and feel free to ask about things you want to know about going forward.

Theresa & the Cardis