Affilitate Maketing

This is the part where I tell you that some of the links on our websites, blog posts or email newsletters may be affiliate links.

Every dog is a working dog–even if Dillon the cardi pup needs help reaching the keys.

What is an affiliate link?

Every time you click on one of those links for more information AND decide to make a purchase, I get a commission from the site. Typically, it is one or two percent of the purchase price. Yep, I spend time digging up good stuff for you to use in your dog sports lifestyle and get less gratuity than a breakfast waitress who is pouring your coffee.

Why do we have affiliate links?

Two reasons — First – -every little bit counts. This virtual tip jar helps with the costs I incur monthly to keep the websites and newsletters and blog posts virtually hosted, technically current and at your disposal.

Second — I take the time to let you know about things I use or have had recommended to me by real live dog owners as being good/helpful/useful. In turn, these links help me see what the community wants/values/needs from merchants and services.

Why these affiliate links?

Many of the items I use I have picked up over 15 years of training and competing and secretary-ing, some companies no longer exist or are only accessible in person at dog shows or trials. So giving you a link to a “big box site” (aka Amazon, Walmart, Home Depot) gives you an easy place to see specifications if you want to shop around.

Whenever possible, I try to link to the original sources and small businesses that support our dog sports lifestyle themselves AND have what you need. If you think you are one such business, feel free to email me directly.

Where does the money come from?

When you see an affiliate link, please know there is no additional cost to you as the consumer. This is a form of marketing for websites and product/service providers.

I have not been given free products or services from these companies as of this writing. If I am ever comped a product/service that I am reviewing, that will be clearly stated in the review–too much journalism training my end not to let you know little things like that.

Please note: I will never sell your email and try VERY hard to keep annoying advertising to a minimum (don’t you hate trying to read around them on your mobile device!!) but it takes cash to feed the kitty puppy.

Questions? Email me directly for answers.