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5 Things Dogs want for the Holidays

23 Dec 18

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And the alternatives you can live with.

Before next week when you start counting up 2018 accomplishments vs 2019 resolutions, it might be nice to ask what the dog wants for the holidays. Sure you stopped by the local pet store to score a treat or two but here are some things that make a pooch’s heart sing. This post offers some suggestion for people approved alternatives that may contain affiliate links.

The dog wants… A Big Stick 

While driftwood soaked in seawater is tasty, maybe something that is smaller to carry and less dangerous when ingested. My guys love the  Petstages Chew Toys that I discovered last year when I was looking for an alternative to natural bones & antlers (that can cause slab fractures on back teeth) and rawhide (that can cause blockages if the pieces are too large when they unfurl inside the dog). Dogwood Stick, Newhide, Beyond Bone, & Deer Antler are the shapes and flavors of a safer alternative to the real thing. Made out of about 30% of the actual material (wood, antler, bone or rawhide) ground up and added to a binder that makes the product softer and more digestible. These are made in the USA by a subsidiary of Outward Hound and are lead & phthalate free.  

The dog wants… A Bed


— Well, your bed actually. So how about something enticing enough to buy you a little more room on the pillow Sunday morning? We just won a Better World Pets orthopedic dog bed at an agility trial fundraiser at exactly the same time as we needed to add beds around the house for the senior dog, Marshal. Couldn’t be happier with the product –non-slip bottom, waterproof but machine washable and replacement covers (on the Oregon based company’s website ) well priced as is the bed itself. Marshal is happy with it too.

The dog wants… The Human safely Home 

Since your dog can’t arrange an Uber for your holiday bashes, how about one of you wear a custom Bad Tag to be sure you get back to the house should you get separated at the park or the pub. You can customize the back with your home address or phone number after you pick out which tag your dog is wearing and which you are gonna use on your keychain.  This years holiday collection is particularly delightful with its Christmas Sweater options 

The dog wants… A Squirrel

That one that taunts us on our walks and tastes like sunflowerseeds because it steals from the neighbor’s birdfeeder. But it is not gonna hold up like a King Nut from  The people who source your dog-centric monthly subscription of goodies from Bark Box also have a little shop where you can pick up past offerings of various dog approved/tested treats and toys. These toys are innovative and fun and made for dog enjoyment so the fluff is actually supposed to come out of the squirrel eventually.

The dog wants…Time with you

And just you. No cat, no baby, no significant other, no dog walker. Seriously,  schedule that walk or dog sports competition into your busy life. You should come armed with treats and poop bags and maybe a ball but time spent even just walking around the neighborhood is good for the mental and physical well being of beings on both ends of the leash. No gym membership needed and it is the greatest gift of all to a dog who loves you.

So as we charge around this holiday season tossing peanut butter stuffed kongs to the dog as we rush out the door to get to year-end appointments and mandatory fun obligations, don’t forget your furry friend who has a list of their own.