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Fur Sure Dog Goals

29 Apr 19
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Why This

Many of my dog sports friends are gonna wonder why I spent time on a free course about setting goals in dog sports. They don’t need any help in reaching their goals. However, any given weekend there are people who are not applying these basic principles to accomplish their goals with their dog(s). It is fun to run your dog and — if you are clear about your intentions for each opportunity — you can get an added jolt of Feel Good when you meet your personal markers. Especially true if you are a Not Ready for Prime Time team on a journey to becoming a well-oiled machine. (Ask anyone on their third plus dog!)

Why Now

For years I have wanted to share my tips with more than the folks I get to visit with in-person. Giving them techniques that have stood the test of time means a lot. I used these tools to get thru college, grad school, big work projects, first dog competition goals AND working towards last year’s Cardigan Welsh Corgi Nationals (Dobby did awesome thanks for asking). Cool thing is that technology is at a point of helping me make this so much easier. Fingers crossed!

Yep we took Tri-athalon and the 100 dollar prize

I was shocked the first time I saw a solid dog sport participant reach out for basic help on goals at a seminar. I figured she had it all locked down in a cute training bag and a great lil’ dog. Nope, she had her own gremlins. But she did have a coping mechanism from her “regular” life that could be applied to dog sports. She just needed to be reminded by the presenter. That image has stuck with me.

What to Expect

Here is how it plays out: First you sign up. Next, you get a Welcome email. Then each morning for the next four days, you will find an email waiting for you.

Day ONE 🐾 Get on the PAGE – the power of getting out of your head and writing it out.

Day TWO 🐾 Be SMART about your Goals – things can change along the way but you need a “way” first of all.

Day THREE 🐾 RESOURCE allocation makes fur Success – what is holding you back?

Day FOUR 🐾 TRACKING ain’t just for hounds – it takes a lot of steps to reach a goal and you need to celebrate them.

You never know

You don’t know what you don’t know until you don’t know it. Quote from a first-time agility competitor

You never know what help others need. They may not know themselves. Some folks know these steps and use them at work but not with their dogs. Others have never heard of how to set a goal and achieve it. Still, a few might use these steps but aren’t up for explaining to friends — feel free to share the link.

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