How To Enter an Agility Trial


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Do you know what these mean*?  UKC   CPE   STD   JHC     NovA  TUN-O

Don’t worry this eBook is for  the Agility Trial Virgin (ATV) and the handler who hasn’t run a dog in the last few years. Your instructor is great at explaining building up distance or how to do a blind cross but you need some help getting your dog into trials because all those letters would be better in a bowl. Maybe you “homeschool” your agility dog and need a source for the paperwork.

This book  not only has helpful check lists and definitions of terms and acronyms but pointer and handouts to help you keep track of what you are entering and how to track your progression.

Take advantage of the advice and experience of seasoned handler and trial secretary, Theresa Calter of, to smooth out your road to agility glory (or at least a lot of fun).


  • the answers are: United Kennel Club; Canine Performance Events; Standard (may be a class or a titling path depending on organization); jump height card;  Novice A (brand new first timer to the sport);  Outstanding Tunnelers a level of qualification


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