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01 Nov 18

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Life is Dog Blog needed to be rehomed so here it is broken out from the K9EventsNW.com  page.  This blog is for that band of shaggy gypsies known as the Dog Sports Community (and their humans) no matter where they live or what sports they pursue.

I get asked questions by new folks and those who have been around the show grounds for many years. So this is the place to gather up answers that I have on hand or that I ask one of the dog sport community experts I have had the pleasure to work with the last 16 years.

Let’s support new tribe members with information on how to get started in various dog sports. And answer questions about topics that may be obvious to some but are news to others. We can cover health and fitness for both ends of the leash. Hacks for traveling and camping with the furry teammate(s) and tips on RV-ing should come in handy too. Bit by bit let’s build up a reference page for definitions and links. Of course, we need product reviews too – different dogs like different things. And along the way, I want to interview folks you want to meet or who have jobs in this industry.

Living a different life when we decide to make our dogs not only our family but our hobby, our sport, our passion. It is a life filled with great friends of all shapes, sizes and coat textures. We have amazing adventures and personal growth (not to mention occasional goal attainment). Let’s share the journey from beginning to end with people and dogs – old and new. Because for us, life IS dog, sport.

So come on in and don’t mind the dog.

cardigan welsh corgi Dobby is lounging in a chair
It you wanna sit there, just move the dog.